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enlightened Foxit e-book reader “eSlick PS” product launch

Foxit Corporation, the world’s second leading PDA provider, launched the e-book reader eSlick PS by virtue of its strong R & D technology and support, who officially announced its entry to the digital publishing and e-reader market. Magic Power has grasped the concept of latest technology trends and strong media relations and assisted in promoting the green e-book reader of Foxit by conducting Foxit’s new product launch and its exposure at the international computer exhibition.

enlightened Media and public relations operation for Check Point 

Check Point, the enterprise firewall solution initiator and the worldwide leader in securing the Internet, has endeavored to provide user-friendly security management solutions to customers of various enterprises. Magic Power has long collaborated with technology industry and is skilled in integrating multi media. By transforming stiff data into understandable messages, Magic Power has assisted in promoting Check Point solutions and its leading position in security management to media, distributors and the market via media operations, exhibitions and forums.

enlightened Aoba Biotech Corporation

Aoba Biotech Corporation, established on September 2009, is founded to maintain the health of modern people through the easiest, most convenient, and most natural diet made by herbs with natural healing powers.To highlight the brand spirit of Aoba Biotech Corporation and its new product, Jing Zhi Yu Ye, and open up its market opportunities, Magic Power has helped our client efficiently deliver its brand concept and values through an all-rounded marketing package, including the aspects of product development, brand positioning, product naming and media campaigns and exposure. We have also built the official website of Jing Zhi Yu Ye and conducted internet activities, like facebook fan page, blog and diet competitions to interact with net pals, that  helped boost customers’ attention, product acknowledgement and increase market sales.

enlightened Art exhibitions of Huang Hsiao Yen 

In the vast world of arts, artists of different sects and unique style have constantly had dialogues with themselves and the whole society via their artistic works. Ever since 2001, Magic Power has offered a team that provides marketing and professional appreciation skills in the art market, and successfully built a long-term relationship between artists and collectors, and endowed the works of art with whole new values.

enlightened Taoyuan County – the launch of The Culture Resort of The Jiang

The cross-Strait interactions have been frequent in recent years since the government launched the mainland China tourism policy in2007. Magic Power has caught the sight of tourism market and the consuming mindset of mainland China tourists and was commissioned by Taoyuan County Government to mark out the overall tourism advertising plan for The Culture Resort of The Jiang. The DEM inc. funded by the Jiang’s fourth generation Demos Chiang was invited to design the flag-ship typed souvenirs. In addition to that, the multi advertising channels that combined local stores’ resources have successfully drawn media’s attention. The mass media reports of the resort and its souvenirs have highlighted the sightseeing resources of Taoyuan County and gained the upper hand for future mainland China tourism market.

enlightened Miaoli County Government - Shanghai International Travel Fair 

The daily tourists from the two sides of Taiwan Strait have unceasingly increased since the cross-strait interaction opened in 2008. Magic Power was commissioned by Miaoli County Government, who attended the Shanghai International Travel Fair for the first time, to take charge of the local media propaganda. Magistrate of Miaoli County, Liu Cheng-hung, personally attended the travel fair and was interviewed by local media reporters whose interview theme and news angles have been communicated beforehand by Magic Power to be the beautiful sceneries, fascinating food and the related incentive schemes in the county. The image of “Miaoli – the most touching place” has been outlined to arouse Chinese tourists’ willingness to visit Miaoli.

enlightened Imperial Tobacco

Imperial Tobacco, the world’s fourth leading tobacco company, is optimistic about the development potential in Taiwan and becomes the first investor that established an international tobacco factory in Taiwan. An estimate of 250 job opportunities can be offered to Miaoli residents. In order to eliminate the media controversies and public concerns that are possible to arise during the factory construction period, Magic Power has taken a phased public relation strategy, the from-point-to-line and line-to-plane communications that focus on different themes stressing that local economic development is to be enhanced, the tobacco company is aware of the social responsibility and that the MIT tobacco products are reliable. Magic Power has helped reduce the negative protests and strengthen the corporate image of Imperial Tobacco as the best example of international companies.

enlightened The Tobacco Institute of the Republic of China (TIROC)

With the rapid flow in the digital age, only those quickly grasp competitors’ movements and the industrial changes internationally, can the business sets competitive strategies and be reputed to be invincible in the market. Magic Power provides daily media monitors, sifts important news, and analyzes market information for TIROC’s references to get a grip on the industry and local governments’ policies so as to adjust the public relation operations in the market. 

enlightened RSA, the Security Division of EMC

RSA is a top information security management solution provider that helps the world’s leading enterprises to solve complicated and sensitive information security problems. Among RSA’s partners, 90% of them are the global top 500 companies. In September 2006, RSA, who has acted as the leading brand of information security for over 20 years, merged with EMC and Network Intelligence and formed RSA, the Security Division of EMC. Magic Power has helped RSA with its marketing and product promotion via multi media operations, events, exhibitions, successful case study and forums. Furthermore, Magic Power’s proficiency in local media’s operation and customer’s business has enabled RSA to integrate various resources and maximize efficiency.

enlightened Taiwan Sugar Corporation – TSC collagen and placenta

Taiwan Sugar Corporation launched the first TSC placental hormone, collagen skin care product made locally. The interesting game of the “Mother and Daughter’s Good Face Activity” and its media commercials, internet campaigns, web design and reporter’s interview arranged by Magic Power had insight into the needs of the target customers and has successfully conveyed the brand concept to customers and enhanced the product sales as well.