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enlightened Taoyuan County - the launch of The Culture Resort of The Jiang

The cross-Strait interactions have been frequent in recent years since the government launched the mainland China tourism policy in2007. Magic Power has caught the sight of tourism market and the consuming mindset of mainland China tourists and was commissioned by Taoyuan County Government to mark out the overall tourism advertising plan for The Culture Resort of The Jiang. The DEM inc. funded by the Jiang’s fourth generation Demos Chiang was invited to design the flag-ship typed souvenirs. In addition to that, the multi advertising channels that combined local stores’ resources have successfully drawn media’s attention. The mass media reports of the resort and its souvenirs have highlighted the sightseeing resources of Taoyuan County and gained the upper hand for future mainland China tourism market.

enlightened Miaoli County Government - Shanghai International Travel Fair

The daily tourists from the two sides of Taiwan Strait have unceasingly increased since the cross-strait interaction opened in 2008. Magic Power was commissioned by Miaoli County Government, who attended the Shanghai International Travel Fair for the first time, to take charge of the local media propaganda. Magistrate of Miaoli County, Liu Cheng-hung, personally attended the travel fair and was interviewed by local media reporters whose interview theme and news angles have been communicated beforehand by Magic Power to be the beautiful sceneries, fascinating food and the related incentive schemes in the county. The image of “Miaoli – the most touching place” has been outlined to arouse Chinese tourists’ willingness to visit Miaoli.

enlightened Ministry of The Interior - MOICA media event

enlightened Taiwan Cooperative Bank - Money fair opening press event

enlightened National Chiao Tung University - NCTU People MV media event / affinity card media event

enlightened 2012 Kaoshiung Coco Magnolia Festival

enlightened 2011Yunlin County Lunbei Township Cantaloupe Festival

enlightened 2010 Chiayi County Fanlu Township Persimmon Festival